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OSMO Wood Finish for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

OSMO natural Polyx hardwax-oil, the original hardwax for floors, trim, furniture, and cabinetry.

Most OSMO products are available at our workshop & showroom in Duncan. We are here most days for drop-ins, but you might want to call ahead before you arrive to be sure. We are often in Victoria and can arrange to drop product off to you.

The most popular OSMO products are listed below; please see the OSMO Canada website for a full listing. For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

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About OSMO

What exactly is a hardwax-oil, and how is it different from a regular oil finish?

It’s an engineered finish made with plant oils and waxes, plus just enough highly refined “benzene free” mineral spirits to allow easy application. Most regular oil finishes use a high proportion of solvent to synthetic resins, and don’t contain wax. They are not all that durable (especially to moisture), but are easy to apply. The addition of wax (specifically, waxes with a high melting point and hardness) in a hardwax oil increases the durability of the finish compared to oil alone. When you purchase OSMO you are getting mostly solids that remain on the wood, not solvents that evaporate when you apply the finish.

Is it ‘green’?

The oils and waxes in OSMO are derived from natural sources, such as sunflower, soybean and thistle oil, plus two hard, natural waxes—carnauba and candelilla. Only enough de-aromatized white spirit (benzene-free) is added to make the product viscous enough to apply. There is barely any discernable odor, and it quickly dissipates once the finish dries. No lingering solvent smell. When dry, it meets European safety standards for use on children’s furniture and toys and resistance to perspiration and saliva, and contains no biocides or preservatives.

Is it durable, and is it easy to apply?

YES and YES! And we’ve used just about every finish for wood that’s out there. Polyx is our favorite by far, that’s why we decided to become a dealer. OSMO combines properties of both a film finish and a penetrating oil finish. It is microporous, and will not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is water repellant and meets German standards for resistance to stains from wine, cola, beer, coffee, tea, and fruit juice.

Application is easy. Unlike film finishes where perfect application is key (and all but impossible in a dusty shop), OSMO is applied to the surface and is burnished and/or wiped dry like an ordinary oil finish. It’s very forgiving. When the finish needs some refreshing, it’s not even necessary to sand the surface first; simply clean thoroughly and re-apply.

OSMO Polyx OilPolyx-Oil High Solid 3054 Satin Matte

Recommended Use: For interior use only: Ideal for all wooden floors, solid or plank wood, strip parquet, OSB or cork flooring. Highly recommended for wooden furniture. Also for slate and screed as well as terracotta and other natural (non-glazed) ceramic tiles.

OSMO TopOilTopOil

  • Clear Matte 3058
  • Natural 3068

Recommended Use: Ideal for wooden kitchen work tops and general interior joinery such as table tops and furniture.

OSMO Wood Wax FinishWood Wax Finish, available in a variety of colours

Recommended Use: All interior use: interior timber cladding and panelling, ceiling profiles, skirting, doors and joinery. Especially recommended for furniture and children's toys. Can also be used on flooring with a top coat of Osmo Polyx® 3054.

  • 1 coat = Transparent Colour
  • 2 coats = Intensive Colour

OSMO Wash and CareWash & Care

Recommended Use: Specially developed for cleaning of wooden and cork floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil and other oiled/waxed surfaces. It is also suitable for varnished, stone, plastic, PVC and other water-resistant surfaces.

OSMO Liquid Wax CleanerLiquid Wax Cleaner

Recommended Use: Ideal to maintain wooden floors, as well as furniture and other oiled and waxed surfaces in the interior. Areas such as wooden floors near door entrances and hallways wear away quicker than other surfaces, and can look dull over time. Liquid Wax Cleaner is designed to rejuvenate these surfaces to refresh the sheen.

OSMO Maintenance KitMaintenance Kit

Recommended Use: Ideal set for caring and maintaining wooden floors. Wash and Care is used for regular damp mopping and general cleaning, Liquid Wax Cleaner is used for occasional intensive cleaning and refreshing of the surface.