Modern Coffee Table for Small Spaces

Functionality is extremely important for small spaces. I would know, having lived in mostly tiny abodes. With this coffee table design, we needed something that would allow for easy storage of books and magazines while providing a visually uncluttered surface. It also needed to be light weight in order to be easily moved around. Oh- and the surfaces needed to be durable.

All the parameters came together in this open box made of a modern material: bamboo plywood, one of our favorite materials to build with. It has a clean modern appearance, is extremely hard wearing, durable, and stable. It has most of the benefits of solid wood but with sheet-stock ease of building. If you are not famaliar with bamboo plywood, the faces are thick layers of bamboo (about 1/8" or 4mm) over a solid bamboo core. No cheap, inferior materials hidden here. It is also a relatively sustainable material, being rapidly renewable. Given that the core is bamboo, it can be left exposed for an interesting look, as we did in this piece.

The base references those classic mid-century modern turned legs. My recent lathe addiction has me 'going round' more and more lately and these were a perfect fit. I turned them out of some Garry oak (a relative to white oak) that is hard as hell and will stand up to the vaccuum cleaner as good as anything else. We ebonized them black using a natural dye process that involves some nifty chemistry involving vinegar and rusty steel. The whole works was finished with OSMO polyx hardwax oil. Here's the result:




 I like that this piece can be so easily adapted for size and shape. Square, rectangle, tall, short...