Expanding Dining Table

This dining table may be the closest we've come to marryng perfect function with a beautiful, simple form.

expanding dining table top perspective

One common request we get is for a dining table that functions most days of the year for two or four people, but will expand to seat eight or ten. Needless to say, it's no easy task. Incorporating moving parts greatly increases the complexity, and can lead to compromises in the look of the table. This piece is the second incarnation of this design. It has a lot going on that is not immediately evident; the 'breadboard' ends (as we furniture makers call them) pull out from the table top proper and create space and support for two leaves. We don't make tables that expand by pulling apart in the middle; we just don't like how they look. This design allows the top to look like it should look- in essence it hides its expanding functionality.

expanding top detail

A few other aspects of the design make it very comfortable and functional. The long rails underneath the top are not very tall, and are set far back from the edge. The makes for maximum leg clearance between the floor and the underside of the top.  We've had immediate feedback from taller people sitting down and noticing, it's more comfortable for them, and makes it easier to cross legs. There is generous overhang on the ends, plus, the rail structure is well off the floor. This gives maximum shin and feet clearance.

expanding dining table end under view

Aesthetically, we took cues from some classic mid-century tables. In particulay, we like the tapering leg shape. We took the linearity and played with it; none of the parts have overt curves, but the legs, rails and table edges are all cambered on their faces, giving a softer look and feel. This detail also gives a very pleasing handmade feel to the piece.

The dimensions of the top are 42" wide by 88" long. With two leaves added, the length increases to 120".  It's made of locally sourced Garry oak, a very close relative of white oak. Finished with OSMO hardwax oil.

expanding dining table perspective 1

Happy dining!


PS this piece is currently avaliable for sale, and can be seen in person at our showroom.