2014 In Pictures

Every year around this time Joe and I have a sit down to set goals and priorities for the year to come. We make a sort of flow chart-meets-venn diagram and tack it to the office wall. Invariably I look at it throughout the year and see that we're not going to nearly get everything accomplished that we'd wanted to. But you know what they say, set the bar high...

I thought it would be interesting to start at the beginning of 2014 and see what we did do. Here's a not quite complete accounting of our projects from the shop. Missing is a reproduction Stickley arts & crafts desk, 4 fine art frames, a yew fireplace mantle, and a re-build of a pergola in yellow cedar (and probably a few others).

The volume of work we completed was not quite as high as in years past, but looking back we had the privilege to do some really great projects. Thanks to our clients who make it possible for us to do what we do!

Why fewer projects? I taught at Camousn College full time for 3 months, plus finished off my instructional diploma. We took a 3 week vacation hiking in California in March, and spent 3 long weeks re-framing and re-roofing the house. So I guess we didn't slack off! All in all, a satisfying and fruitful 2014.


Cabinets were defiantly a theme...


Post about the cabinet above:Modern Tansu

I got a bit crazy about bar stools, and the lathe:




And for something totally different- a driveway sign.


Also a little out of the ordinary for us was this mud room. We created wall paneling of western maple with a million hooks for a large families coats and backpacks. There is also a bench and a couple of shoe cabinets:   

b2ap3_thumbnail_wall-of-hooks-right-side.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Wessler-wall-of-hooks.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Wessler-back-bench.jpg


Also for a back door area was this arbutus bench:


The most amazing piece of yew was used for these tables, Live Edge Table: Letting the Wood Speak

b2ap3_thumbnail_Live-Edge-Yew-CT.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Live-Edge-Yew-CT-Pair.jpg

Here's to 2015 and all the new projects yet to come.